Saturday, February 13, 2010

*Lee French manicure❤*

me and the pretty Vivien~❤

nice french manicure?!
it's FREE
my dearest cousin Vivien did it for me
at her room!!
thanks her a lor
i love it~❤

there're 7 steps
i dun know each step is call what
can't explain here!
here're the kits

took me around one hour to done that!
quite fast huh?!

once i done
and mama came in to the room
she also want that!!!wtf

she dun want like me simple and nice french manicure
she wants nail arts
pretty Vivien!!

so, this take quite a long time..but forget how long d~
and she did fall asleep! fhl
and nah~
here's the result!!!


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