Sunday, February 21, 2010

*a glad day*

i'm going back to Kampar evening
and dad call me in the morning
wanna bring me to pulau aman for lunch

dad come
a bit hungry
so i drive them to nearest restaurant for breakfast
black mee
i love it a lot
one of my favorite
.gal still half awake
.the siao siao cousin~
act as Vimpire! =="

after breakfast
we heading to pulau aman
15 to 20 mins journey!!

get there and still need to take a boat
.spotted 2 sis and cousin
get there
dad straight ordered mee Udang

and this
call lai niu ha~
not sure about it
it's still alive before serve to us
yes, fresh one
actually it's quite big
dun know why here look small only
i might have a bad skill of photographing
few more pics in cousin hp
and i forget to take from him

after come back
i help mama to do some housework b4 back to Kampar
her hand get cut and can't touch water for a week! wtf

i get ready
mama, sis and uncle hui sent me back
before that
sis drop me to Tesco extra nearby
and with very fast speed
i go down and bought a spaceship wardrobe
and i spot this RM89

and yes, i bring it home
but in grey color
the last one
i prefer black la...T.T
.yee khai help me to set the upper part
dozo arigatou
it's taller than me 170cm
i like it a lot

the lower part which set by myself
i put my begs here

upper small part with watches mirror n perfume

then dine with cs, des n jia ling @choi lei
the food sucks
felt vomiting!


  1. the wardrobe very nice. grey not bad ooo. black would be nice too. its nice you could put the bag underneath it. good space for it.

  2. yeah!!!
    tat's why i bring it home!!!haha
    actually is not home
    hostel la!!!