Tuesday, February 16, 2010

*thanks to 1514 gal❤*

the Ferrero Rocher bonquet
They made themself!!!!

KaiXin, SuiFong, mee, Joey and Ling Chee
thank you gals!!❤
100210(wed) i receive this @ U
know what?

i have got a early 8am class in the morning
unfortunately i got stomache in the early 6am
and i walk out from my room and lie on the table
i couldn't even lie on bed or stand up!
pain like hell!! fml

so, i told yehan i'm not going
and he wake babe up and fetch him to U
pity him, at first, babe accompany him to class one
but after one class he rush back pula
and leave yehan alone there

Shirley also couldn't got up that morning

yea, i
skip 3 tutorial class straight!!! fml
8.30am, i'm feeling better a bit bit
at least i can lie on the bed
so i got back to my bed and continue to sleep

10am, babe back
he wake me up,
ask me if i want eat something
i'm really tired and lazy. i can't even answer him!!
and i just shake my head with closed eyes!

1pm i got up i am better just pain awhile-while
and a bit sour feeling!
still lack of energy
gal text me, and i told her that i skipped 3 tutorial class

and she laughed! wtf

3pm, i got my shower
ready for 4pm class
just me and Shirley this time
and we walk in the lecture class,
yehan leave to seats front of him

what a boring lecture,
one hour plus later,
5 minutes break time
Me and Shirley run from the class
we went to block H cafe sit there
and wait for yehan finish the class

5.35pm they come out.

Miss Aida let us back early today
lucky huh?!

and saw yehan holding a bonquet of ferrero rocher
then Kai Xin took it and pass it to me
she said ‘Carmen, 给你的’ at first i still don't believe it's for me
but then, they said

and yes, that's for meeeeeeee!!!!!!
*a ton of happiness inside my heart
i wanted to hug them much!
but i didn't do that, they pass to me that time still @ U

quite lots people that time

and i'm shy to do that
haha! a bit regret now!
i should have give them a bear hug
and just want to tell them that i really appreciate.


Thanks Again!!!!


  1. you are welcome^^my birthday girl~
    Wishing that all your dreams will come true~
    Everything will be all right and you are 21 years old now(old jor) so you should always be confident and always thinking positive sides!!
    Be responsible of every decision u have made and we will always support u as a good FREN^^( Am I sound like an old woman?)
    Again!!HAppy birthday!!生日快乐!!
    Happy always!!

  2. wow, what a long wish list huh?!
    haha...thanks again ya~
    21 years old doesn't mean old jor la, just mature jor only!!kaka
    thanks for the support anyhow
    u are not sound like aunty ok!
    take care ya

  3. can i have some choco? XD
    woow so surprise neh...
    happy birthday again XD

  4. lol
    thanks ler
    u wish so many times already
    until now i am still feeling like in birthday mood
    till today still got ppl wish me belated birthday!!!!