Monday, February 13, 2012

it's all about A to Z

this alike his style

wish i could make this post as 'private'
that's mean only me will know got this post
sadly, i dun know how to make it 
and also dun know whether got this type of privatize function on blogger not

i just want to shout.

love you baby

tsk... pathetic for myself
wish i could stop playing around and be serious this time ok

'u smile, i smile' 
he said that! =P

i know i know
i just can't get him out of my mind

1/2 our 1st conversation

12/2 we chat through web cam until mid night early morning 5a.m
we said bye bye at 4.++ but still couldn't bye

we both look so silly and non stop smiling, laughing and wek-ing *shy

he said wanna come to Penang on 18th Feb, let's see how then!

bye.. looking forward for that ❤

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