Sunday, January 30, 2011

*lunch @ hongkie*

been uploaded those pic for few days...error error error
and finally i'm done!!
==" <------ sweating liao

went shopping with ah Vi, and cousin sis
Gurney Plaza!!

oh before went there, babe bring me to a saloon
hoho, 2 korean, the hairdresser of the shop.
1 gal 1 boy, real korean
so..i just wan to chop my fringe while waiting for her done her cutting

we lunch at this restaurant
apologize, forget the restaurant name!! T_T
but nice environment~

my babe

another cousin sis, Shien jiejie
her look much diff with her age!! look much more younger than me!!

Emo ah vi

love her always..keke

a small human made fake water fall..haha


yours truly~

our dishes

Egg tart
 zhu cheong fan



oh this extreme loh...
spicy, hot until 3 of us flu-ing

shopping list
Charles & Keith sandals
MNG white jeans
2 cloths from P.A
got not much time for me to shop, jie in a rush

this is the reason why i hate update my blog soo late
tend to forget everything

after shop went to babe's house

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