Tuesday, January 4, 2011

*beep, Cameron*

this is the second time in my memory been to Cameron
also with family
but this time is a big family going

stop awhile at the half mountain there

my little cousin Christopher

left my little cousin Nephele and my sista gal
as usual, we love dogs a lot!!

 dad and little Nephele
my dad said she is cute because she is so so talkative

the left also my cousin, Nico Demus with Chris

Anya, my sis

like the view behind, nice weather thou

my handsome dad and cute mom

the big family, few of them from KL already reach so not in there
spot that dog?
when we stand there get ready for the photo taking and it came to us

the natural cute smile

reach our destination
dad book a so call bungalow, one night for RM8++
we stay 2 nights there

and there's a garden outside the house
it's time to relax...cheer urself there

both of them my sister and cousin chris look alike among our family

spot my silly sis? she always act silly
and my dad always so cool

hoho, with my aunties..we talk and laugh about something

 the other view from the other side

they playing mahjong outdoor

and know what, rain suddenly they run like chicken..hahaha

dad setting up the fire for BBQ

ah ha, wonder why got eggs?
my aunty almost move her kitchen to here

i'm still sick that time, dad bought me 100plus

BBQ time
i only ate one piece chicken wings
having sorethroat

 the next day!!
woke up in the early morning and go yao gai gai
he is handsome as usual

the Chuah sisters

and went for the pasar malan
jalan jalan cari makan

at night we do get ready for dong zi jie~
see, told u my aunty almost bring her kitchen here

the other next day
going back
before leave we find a place to yamcha
dad said my camera really yi chi bang
he wanna buy a DSLR...

tea leave is around us

my mom still like a snall kids larrr...hah

i'm having a bitter but sweet trip
i'm sick but i can feel their caring
hoho....totally can't talk that few days
throat really sore and fever
didn't tell them i got fever
i slp early that night n
dad know something is wrong and come in the room to look for me
i'm so touching and almost tears drop...blek XP


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