Monday, January 3, 2011

*tokidoki eve*

Xmas eve
family dinner
2 tables of us
4 families gathering

Xmas day, woke up early dim sum
the gal without make up got no brows..muahaha
she's gonna kill me if saw this
but she will never see this...donch worry

and i spot something very the cute
a man fetching his 2 twin babies for 'yao che hor'

a closer look...>.<

get ready to go out for the the the orchestra performance

know something i never ever watch before
and never even know got this kind of stuff

back wanna went for a movie
change to a casual wear

this mixture(passion+honey) make me shit a lot!!
taste yummy

the new year eve
went count down with few babes

they are waiting for it
and sucks
due to the weather condition and delay to the next day

ugh, crowded

the fat couple..giak giak

next day
sister bring me and babe to VIP casino for buffet lunch
so no picha allow~

the ty ty sista

tea time with babe

the hamster

ugh, forget to took pic with the other babes...T_T

back the next day
not much picha coz busy doing business there


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