Saturday, March 5, 2011

*Feb Fest*

am back,  hold for this post as draft for a week
i'm having a blast on Feb

1st my early birthday celebration with family

ohya, dad bought a wine
yes, i only drink a very half cup of it
kinda long heh...
2 tables of us!!

my dad side cousin
they give face enuf
got ang pau 3 digit from each of them..thanks much much

after dinner we did some activity
actually many ppl beside us 'chou re nao'

the 2nd kong ming den.
writting my wishes neh..

my eldest sister

my cute little sister

and me, i wonder why i'm smiling like that..
after came back to kampar, Valentine day
got 5 bears from babe!!! 
my fav, pocupine...

and this cuties doggie

then come to my birthday, and that day is also chap gor may!
celebrate together with kai xin

me and xin
then 2 Days Genting trip with sister and babe
she wanna pass me the present

the humpty lock!!

there are 3 presents on me in this picha
white, black, gold

the present from mama...and she gave me ang pao too!!
was my little secret

the limited edition color lipstick from Channel given my my little sista
love the color very much

thanks babe for the Iphone!! ❤

Present from Shirley, i like this very much!!
simple and nice~ ^^

Pooi Ling Handmade birthday card!!

Ling Chee handmade elephant+dolph...haha
so sweet

i got myself few stuff 
almost fulfill my wishlist d!!

 this one actually from little sister also
i dun wanna she spent too much so i pay her back!! weee

my new shade from MARC

new spec 
i dun like it coz only the lenses already cost me RM5++
who ask my power so high..blame myself

thanks papa
i add few stuff to my room and he agreed everything i request for!!

i really satisfy with this February!!
thanks for everything

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