Friday, February 4, 2011

yo peeps, 年初一了呢!!
a bit over excited loh
can go bai nian and get ang pau!!

blek, i'm still quite traditional loh
haha, wearing the red cloth
oh, and thanks to my little sister offer to help me took pic
she wanna make it a CNY photo album wo!! haha

 my dear sister

 bound bound also get ang pau from mama
really gave it to her, no bluffing

 bound wearing the red cloth also!! >.<

hehe, kinda like this pic

the biggest ang pau from pa~

family pic

makan 'chen'

 before out...wearing sista shoes
quite suit my dressing..hehe

and go out pai nian
bound go as well

she manja-ing me in the car..cute max max

after bai nian, she got up dad's car herself..hahaha

she is highly excited today!!!

 and also one of us too!! love her


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