Tuesday, May 11, 2010

*the making process*

my last paper end at 4.30pm today
and i was smiling smiling and smiling
even i can't do well still i am smiling
i was just toooooo excited
no more stress after this at least for 2 weeks time
god bless
when my watch was showing 4.20pm
and i was totally absolutely obviously with an (happy, smiley face)
once the examiner said
"okay student, time's up"
IMMEDIATELY, i flipped away the booklet and pass it up

as my plan
i am requesting Pooi Ling to teach guide me to make a
i'm trying to make an Jelly cake for my house-mie birthday celebration
*and also for mom, since i miss up the celebration birthday and mama's day during my finals, i must do something myself to show moi
loves' to her❤

8pm we off to Tesco
we are 'searching' for the ingredient
2 can of longan, lychee, pineapple
and coconut cube
oh, of course jelly powder
done, and paid for it!

here you go
thanks for yehan helping me
thanks for ling willing to guiding me n choose the ingredient
thanks for yee khai....drive me there
so yea, back to Pooi Ling's home
and get it started!!
enjoying the process
i was just too excited to see the result!!

3 layer of it
a bit colorful huh

ouch, DONE
and put it into fridge
waiting for tomorrow coming~
next morning going to have ton of activities
we study hard play hard
but i play HARDER!!seriously

we are going to tons of activities the next day!!
ouch, i bet that will be a tired and fun day!!❤

p.s my skin condition really really omg cham...T.T