Saturday, May 22, 2010

*the Wednesday@Baskin RObins*

it's Wednesday
me and vivien went to Jusco
hunting for food
we totally got no idea what to eat
got no appetite also, plus still a bit full-ing
so this pop up in my mind
remember last time we went to Kinta Jusco after exam
we had this too
yea, Baskin RObins
Show me Pink and get 30% discount for the scope.
Wed=pink day

we have a big one
i choose Rum Raisin and Jamoca
thanks Vivien for the treats
plus paid by HSBC credot card get another 10%
we get the max discount. hoooreyyyy
so one is only for RM9.++
yours truly
i look tired eyes
my dar always
mine look mice biten, i'm like a kid
nom nom nom....
finish eating
finish camwhore
satisfy and we left BR

went for a shop while waiting for elder sister come and join us
she wanna lunch at black canyan(thai food)
and go to money changer counter

and get some skin care travel kit and false lashes from sasa
spent another RM290
satisfy with the shop~
p.s i should post this blog bew days ago, nao only realised i didn't publish....WTF....

p.s.s i miss my baby Vivien so much and my baby gal gal....

p.s.s i miss babe........

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  1. Fargo, North Dakota arrived from on ❤Love My Life❤

    hehe BR nice =))