Friday, May 14, 2010

*the RoBin HooD day*

Yes, went for a movie
before outing
camwhore with ViVI using my new 'baby'

camwhore #1

camwhore #2

camwhore #3

camwhore #4

camwhore #5
the color is just too match
the blue shirt
the blue pants (vivi's)
the blue toys (bound bound)

and finally, after make up, cam-whore
and we off

we straight headed to cinema and get the movie ticket
and bought 6 pieces of nuggets, 2 ice lemon tea

the movie we watched,
*Robin Hood*
isn't he's cool enuf huh?!
Whether thief or hero, 
he is the man from humble beginning will become an eternal symbol of FREEDOM for his people

you guys should watch this
yeap, really not bad
okay, after movie time
mostly gals will do is do shop
1st shop i go, Esprit, bought 2 cloths for Dear lil sister R1++
2nd, carlo rino, bough a short heels shoes *i'm loving it
3rd shop, Watson...bought the 'gal's bread' for elder sis
4th shop, lou hong ga. bought 2 bottle apple vinegar for mom
2 for RM108, dai dou lan..normally one for RM72
and 2 boxes of green tea
RM50 for 2
plus 5% discount since my elder sis have a member there!!

oh yea, the green tea


the twin vinegar, mom use it for some's recipe
some kind of yuckie healthy food!! ugh...

back to home dinner @10pm after get the stuff that i need
and read FEMALE mag
enjoy it
it's a must have mag for me at every monthsss

end of a day~❤

p.s my dad is just so cutieee...omg!!!xoxo


  1. Hehe nice camwhore ooo Lols
    the 2nd camwhore cute lolz. boundbound =))
    ooo i wonder ur dad make the healthy food recipe like what what geh? Hmm..
    nuggets..lolz...swtswt. lolz

  2. hey babe,
    love our pics so much...
    yea, the movie quite nice even though the Robin is a bit 'ages'... :)

  3. i loves 'ages' man
    it's just too man

  4.,u r so 'busy' for enjoying ur holiday geh...
    anyway,cont enjoy it ya^^
    n dun so care about u meatly o nt la..ok??jz enjoy it.hehe

  5. hi Ling Ling
    i am surprise that u leave comment here
    i am not busy everyday anyway
    haha, i dun wan to care much the meatly geh
    thanks for visiting and the comment ya,
    like it!!
    take care ^^ haha

  6. qiqi, the healty food recipe is need to 腌for 4 days with eggs, ginger source, garlic source and bla bla
    i'll took the pic pic and see