Sunday, May 16, 2010

*a nice morning, mare afternoon*

oh ya
sunday morning
erm..for me is still morning
jump down from bed
cause i remember gonna go to Penang today
our baby gal chio us for the cosplay competition show
at Penang times square
so yea
force myself to got up

i saw Uncle Hui sitting in the living room waiting for mom donw the cooking
*pity he sick till nao, god bless him
so i invited him to go swimming pool yam cha
so yea, he drove me there
ya, the swimming pool just right opposite nia
we drove there cause it's sunny day
kinda hot

 simply love the environment
 i love this great view

 the uncle of the swimming pool

 my drinks

 uncle HUi's

 the reason why i highlighted the words Yam Cha
 and i can't bear myself
and order some food to full my stomach
actually mummy is preparing for the lunch
this Uncle Hui pampering so much
and order for me
*he used to  take good care over pampering of us since we're in child
 so yea, 
i order this sambal mix vege plus egg rice
spicy hell
but i do love it a lot

2pm, Vivien here

wearing the new short heels

cool  and sweet sun glasses~

sorry for the messy look..T.T

the naughty baby gal trying to show me middle finger
dare not to, muahahaha

reach there
not much people

final fantasy charactor

i think this one also, not so sure

naruto charactor

baby sister macam ghost

pretty vivi macam japanese gal

baby gal was lao gai-ing with mummy
so she actually didn't eat much at home
and nao she's hungry
bring her to the white house restaurant
the little nyonya cuisine

she always order for more

ViVi's drinks

moi drinks

the naughty babe gal order cheese bake sotong rice
that's really really delicious

the the the....fried sotong

our order, bkack paper chicken?!
yummy too

the total bill.....

after mom mom
we are heading to GUrney
right out from car park
some incident happen
a stupid uncle driving stupidly
and bang us

doing report!!

she smart enuf
got took picture down as prove
and bla bla bla

p.s i love to call me Director just nao!!haha...thanks dad for the gift~


  1. accident brings ya luck

  2. lol, yea...?
    u think is bring luck?!
    learn something lor bakaaa

  3. i like the coconut tree and swimming pool its nice~
    yummy food too.
    nice post =)

  4. muahahaha~
    yea...the food really yummy!!!

  5. ahh..nice templates... :) miss u babe