Sunday, December 5, 2010

*are you craving for dim sum??!yes, i am~*

yo peeps, know what
for the yummy dim sum, 
i would woke up early in the morning which i usually still sleep like a dead pig
yea, 5.30am
get every prepare in 30 minutes, and LET'S GO
 Location:Ipoh, 玉福满

the dark sky

and still energetic...lolx

 this gal is totally still haven't woke up...
sleepy face..haha

fong fong and han

waiting awhile then few aunty bring the dim sum for us to choose

the cha xiu bao...i like it a lot
the feeling just like
belum try belum tahu, sekali try hari hari mau

fish ballsssssss

the 'yong chili'

our order

ha gao

zhi cheong fan

the fried dim sum

fried salad prawn

another must try yummy food is this
everyone eating
babe's eating

Kok also eating

Teck Hong also eating

yuin, han and fong also eating

it's bird nest tart..lolxxx
quite yummy...but too small size d..
and guess, the price 
8 pieces for RM60
one for...divide urself

on the way back
sorry i block half coz i look pale
not enuf sleep
a day before been woke up morning for the moral campaign
and then go Pool-ing untill 6pm
then dinner @ McD with classmate!!


both of them talk non stop behind har...haha

ok, that's all for the dim sum post
and we are rushing all the way back to Kampar
attended softskills~ critical thinking 

about something like think creative
and the speakers want us to construct a plane model
7 in a group
yea, it's about group work
having a lot fun there
we laughing the whole process because the speakers....dun know how to describe lar.
and done
guess which one is our worl
dun wanna point out...too palia d

after done with it
and 2 test requested
1. can it fly?
2. strong structure?

can see,..our is most palia....hahaha
guess urself

and time pass really fast under his course
even poss also macam macam
oh ya, he is a captain of the sailor...
he did share us his experience...interesting experience he had
been to 47 country....COOooLLLLLLlll

he purposely do that eyes...@@

p.s he smells good!! hahaha


  1. RM 60 for 8 tarts is super expensive la...OMG...somemore looks so small...must be super nice right? hmm, dare nt try, cz too expensive.

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  2. aww qiqi...i know i know!!
    the food again right..haha