Saturday, December 4, 2010

*The triple L.L.L T13 Moral Campaign*

yea, The triple L.L.L T13 Moral Campaign
We live, We Laugh, and We LOVE!!!
i am totally enjoying the process

the sad thing is not all T13 babies in a same group 
because we are in different lec class...T.T
would have more fun if we can group together!!

TOPIC: Diskriminasi
yes yes, we need to rehearsal and outdoor shooting

the story start from MAHJONG!!!
it's our norm...LMAO
we just play while waiting for others to arrive 
we're serious enuf one k~

outdoor shooting~
sunny day...and we still go for it without wasting time

k, our pengerusi...ah kok...thanks her very much

the pretty police holding um

 smart one needless to hold um

oh yea, he go everywhere and eat everywhere

our director Sau Eel directing the robbery scene

 Penagih dadah~

and few more video recorded
can't upload...line too slow..T.T

and a day before the campaign 
we went to have a real rehearsal

bao bao is working hard

team work...


 The Campaign day!!!

2 handsome one

2 leng luis

2 cutties

and 4 naughty small gin nas...hahaha

 also video recorded but can't upload..T.T

after the campaign
our 'family' photo

inside..2 main character + naughty students

palia han came to support us~

Fong also came

Khai and Ling~

seriously i dun know what to describe
they purposely woke up in the early morning just came to support us!! 
and the night before we actually had BBQ and they stay until 3am...
i'm so touch~
thanks guys!!!

and Boon Hao suggest to go to took some scenery photos
thanks Boon Hao!!
ops, i'm not pervert

NATURAL works here

UTAR my choice...hahaha
 love my Uni life!! XD
great to have such campaign
and got a good comment from our lecturer too!!
kai xin

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