Sunday, November 21, 2010

*we ❤ puppies*

Puppies, even from the word itself sound cuute
yea..i love them pretty much!!
it's hard to bear their cuteness thou~

 this is my house one~
name her as bound bound
we gave her this name because 
when she walk, run, jump also look like bound-ing there
idea from eldest sister!!

 when no one choi her
she will act pity like this!!yea


when she did something wrong, e.g pee on the floor
or scare of something e.g my mom
she will hide under there..yes..didn't bluff

and yes, out new members
Vasey, my Ah Vi just got her last sunday!!
yea, she is quite lazy..haha
name her as Vasey because Vi said
when the 1st few days after buying her
she was like a vase there 
hide inside the cage dun wan to come out

love her too...she is cute!!

she sayang Vasey to the max!!

even eat also lazy to get her ass move..haha

early morning already lazy lying there

i went to Vi hostel
nice environment there
the night view

day view

recently i fall for the Pomeranian bred and Meltese
i wish to get one but dun wan to get..
i am afraid if bound bound will be unhappy and jealous about that!!
Yes, she will...haha!!