Monday, November 15, 2010


after waiting for so so long time
finally been there!! hah XD
few days ago i was thinking to have some nice food
and i text Kok, she was so so excited then on!!

drive there..took around not more than hour?
Bh and Hy was 研究-ing the camera in the car
so mostly we didn't care about the time

oh yea, we lost actually
and saw housing area
SE went down from car and ask the uncle for direction
and know what?
that uncle was so so so kind
he direct us and he is on bike and that time was a slight rain

thanks uncle and we manage to get there before people are
fill up there!!

look at kok expression!! =="

eh Hui Yee, promise u not to post this out..but i blog it!! paiseh ar...

food serve fast than what i expected!!
the fishie





chang chang
they are going to kill me if saw this!! = ="

 tam jiak #1

Tam jiak #2

tam jiak #3

tam jiak #4

tam jiak #5

tam jiak tam jiak sekalian finish all those food
and still not yet satisfy

then order this!!

eh, the food there ok ok
if wanna rate it can conside 3.5/5?
not bad lar..just 不过瘾咯!!wonder why!! zzz
and fetch bh and hy back
saw this shop
and my hand was so so so itchy wanna go in to buy something
i love the big bears!!
i will be damn damn happy if receive it on Valentine!! haha

but give up, tmr going to Kay Elle~~


  1. hi qiqi~~~ waaaa....ur head!!
    Long time never saw qiqi here comment d..miss it!! haha