Sunday, November 7, 2010

*The week of Deepavali*

yea yea, a great start on November?
hehe.. because i can't think any others title to suit what am i gonna to post later
so i just simply put this lar!!>.<

okay, mama bring me for pedi and manicure
she sign up for a course there
so might be cheaper a bit bit
i choose a design for the pedi one
and pure pink color for mani

the 'lao ban niang' bring us to 'VIP' room!!

quite a few steps
去死皮,磨,scrub, and i dun really know what the steps call!!


manicure-ing while waiting for it to dry

my lovely mama

and done!!RM38

i like this ner!!RM48+45(the design)
the design i choose~3D one
and they actually draw it with a powder mix with a liquid
i wonder how they do it
i was watching movie while waiting to get it done!! haha
i'm more curious with the result ya
the other 4 nails only put on diamond bling bling coz...too small to design!!T.T

the very next next day!!
outing with friends
they coming down to Butterworth from Kampar!!

yea, i bring them to have dim sum!!
the is only the 1st round
still got 2nd round more!!

they got "WHAT???!!!" when bill 
know why?!
coz we ate a lot and cost only RM3+
after filling up our stomach and heading to Queensbay!!
yo, me and Yuin in the car
nice? didn't buy ler!! due to arm too fat!! hahaha

actually 3 of us also try on this dress together
can't manage to took photo together!! T.T
me and Ann~
@wong kok, purposely bring them to have the tan tart and polo bun
really *finger licking good*

8pm back and bring them to the famous小吃near my house!!

bought this

and this
i love this the most~RM138
the shop of the designer is from Italy!!
the material is totally *thumbs up* Ann and Yuin also said that~
that's y i like it!! hah

and 2 shorts from FOrever21 and P.A
and cardigan from forever21
a set of bra 

The NEXT DAY again!
dad bring us to Penang, HomeDec exhibition!!
many cute and kawaii and modern furniture there!!
3pm we reach there and we left at 9pm untll all those shop close

this 2 monster wear the same dress
and hell, mine was still in Kampar!! T.T

i love this cute diamond stylish chair
seriously cosy!!
sadly my room can't fix in

after that we went for bah kut teh!! 
what a busy week ends!! and i love it a lot!!

hoping to spent more time with friends and family
but not the hell Book+asasignment!!



  1. love the pedicure n manicure. the chair look comfortable, wonder how much it is....

  2. hi florflor
    thanks ner..i like the pedi more!!hehe
    the chair if not mistaken cost around erm...3k plus!!

  3. 3k...? (jaw dropped) omg... so expensive....i thought u say expensive also around 1k... 3k i rather buy massage chair.

  4. yea..almost that price...there also got massage office chair...2.7k...haha