Friday, October 29, 2010

*both the last~~~gonna miss you much!!*

this time really the last!!
the last make up class and miaw also going to leave tomorrow~

this is the place that i learn all those thing!!

my dearly pretty teacher!! i likes her a lot~
a nice and patient teacher!!
last time, she teach me the doll make up mix with blue and black!!
and highlight~❤i think she only teach me extras!! ^^
 chi cha~ babe fetch me for the last day!! giak~~
haha..gonna merajuk a bit mahh!!!

photo time~~~


eh, where's my the other eye?!

 i like the blue+black

thanks you much!!❤

went dinner together!!
TA9 again~
and gambling @ 379...haha...the 'destination' of event!!

guess who's this gal?!
PPS-ing in my room~ hah


the guys are so high, especially tu Chu Chee Howe~ shirley's bf

eh, i like this!!

again, dun know they counting what there!! =="

gentle gals

yaya, nannanxyxy got black jack!! LMAO

yea, the hand+legs of friendship!! hah

LOL, laughter around 379
quite a long time never like that jor~^^
going to Ipoh tmr with my dar!! 


  1. =.=.....anyway, nice make up ^^

  2. take care ya...menmen dardy... <3

  3. hedwig,
    blek...thanks..dun =.= lar..hah

    nan nan,
    take care too...>.< <3<3<3

    hah, honestly really fun!! wanna join?! Lolzzz

  4. Now you have Blueblack eyes...LOL

    the eye make up makes yr eye stands out, nice.

    Btw, linked u up d..