Monday, October 18, 2010

*Hong Kong❤Day 4*

Hong Kong Day4~Disneyland
k, last day staying here
and we went to HK Disneyland!
go by MTR~HK2+

it's very easy!!oh yea..

oh ya, even the subway also with mickey shape window
cute max
and reach oi~
nice whether again!!>.<

the entrance!! we went there on sunday
so it's quite people mountain people sea!!

this bring us to Holand!!

when we walk around, i ask sis that where is the bubbles actually came from
after that i pass by a stall and peep this little cute stuff

nothing much inside here actually!!
i dun know, or we didn't found out


eh, where is the....

and went for the show!!
sister said this is the nicest among all those show!!
and yes, she came before~
beauty and the beast
love this scene most

little world
have a relaxing ride and inside all stuff are small~

er...even the toilet board also cute max..
LMAO, i was wondering to took the guys one while waiting for sis
but...the man are walk in and out from the toilet so...didn't take it

winnie the pooh ride!!

and took pic with the Disney celebrities!! hah

paiseh, forget to rotate!!

like this a lot!! haha
actually there's a person holding all these balloon in front!!

yo, the street!!

it's time to say bye bye!!

and before left!!

and around 4pm we left!!hehe

we went to woman street女人街
and had our dinner there
sis order...烧鹅plus乳猪

my order 烧鹅

 then walk around and bought my camera!!
got it finally!!>.<
and bought it at the last  day!! fml..

and back to our hotel!!
drop all those stuff
and came out again...down to our hotel
walk till the end of the street and cross a raod then got this
go up there for the night view
i wanted to shout...i'm the ... of the world...hah

down there got these cute stuff too!! 

LMAO, so many jiu pai here!!

and we went to shopping!!
again, beside our hotel, harbour city~ All branded
and i saw Kiehl's inside..happy max
and the price is cheaper than Malaysia one!!

and we went to opposite street..a big Mont Blanc shop there
and sister got this for herself RM1k plus

and one for papa...already wrapped!!
his is RM2k plus plus, coz there're craving with the body of the pen
share with sister T.T
but it's ok lar...worth it!! and papa seems happy when saw it!!

got this dress from Disney...i bought for 3 sisters..hiak hiak

the Halloween!! 

got this candies for my dear friends

and this for my little sister..gummy candy!! XD


next post~bye bye day!!

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