Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*Hong Kong❤Day 2*

Day 2❤8/10/10
Ocean Park Day!!!
wear as casual as i can~
who care......*chuckles*
snapshot before out

ohya, we went to breakfast~Dim Sum and tan cha...
海御seafood restaurant

Deep fried shrimp wonton
must eat with the xo source...Yummy

red beans pudding osmanthus 红豆桂花糕
the taste is special and once u put inside ur mouth the 桂花 smell is just so nice

steamed BBQ pork buns
the pork inside...really ichiban

 steamed squid mushed garlic...easy to bite

Steamed BBQ pork rice flour rolls
got vege inside somemore
not bad not bad

can see the reno and deco?!
just a big WOW!!!

after gao dim our breakfast
OCEAN PARK time!!!
we go there by cab HKD170

the entrance
per ticket HK$250

Halloween theme!!❤

they are same species!! muahahahaaa
the cable car bring us to another side

totally love the view there and whether~

half way to the other side

quite adventures feel hah!! 

reach up there

1,2,3 picha...PacificPier

what is this girl peeping?! giak giak

spot anything?!

this cutie animal lor!!


this one i think Malacca also got one 

 and yes, we go for this ride

up there!!

tam jiak kia

so do i, hiak hiak!!!


say hi~~~~~

really apa fish pun ada

i dun know what is this call

Nautilus pun ada...

cute little sea horse

came out from 海洋馆,ini monster hungry again
find something to eat...

queue-ing for the ride!! 
really gan zheong to the max
and shake until make me headache...seriously


eh em, few more rides not inside there!!
worth it!!

this show, i love the most~

they are cute max
and listen and follow what they ask to do!! OMG

spot they actually jump up?!
i was.....walauuuuuuuuuuuu...*big clap*

after this we went for few rides again...

before back to the other side
we go for the jellyfish wacthing~

yes, they are pretty!!
mini one~

medium size

big one~

huge one~

and the fake one~ haha

6pm plus and the sky already dark!! giaaaaboooo
this time we choose to ride by train instead of cable car

 this pic 的来不易啊

inside the train

by the time go back down there
we wanna watch the panda geh
but...they all go back to the hole and zzz liao
没缘~ T.T

bye bye to Ocean Park 

then we went to 太平山 @7pm
we took cab to there again
the night view
come up here also need to pay geh arrr
no worry if u got octopus with u
just need to tag and go
no need to q for the ticket

amazing....that's all i can describe

then the statue stadium square
and guess whose down all there!! muahxx


this Korean handsome fei yong zun

Aaron Kok,my child time de 偶像

g g g

Kelly chan hui lin

ah..i wonder why this one quite...

pui pui pui...LMAO
she is trying to give a speech there harr


hey hey, what is she doing there

yo...hi there

like this Danny Yan, my boy geh love



blek =)

 M,J muahxx


Joey Yong...look at me pls

dinner time
we going down from tai ping shan

ohya, my sista got appointment with her friend
one success entrepreneur
he treated us for this dinner at a famous restaurant!!
so no pic due to manner issues
the food was....THUMBS UP
烧鸸drumpstick... *finger licking goood larrrr
and abalone  too....T.T

after dinner he bring us to Lang Guai Fong have a look
walk around and see around
i saw a lot guai lou there!!!

balik @12am by MTR only HKD8.50
we should go by MTR to Ocean park this morning geh!! sobs

very nice schedule right!!?
and no time wasted too..giak!!!
happy max...*giggles*


  1. Is the one after Kelly Chen and before Princess Diana, Jet Li? Doesn't look alike lor~
    and, Joey Yong, too, doesn't look alike.
    Andy Lau pun sikit tak sama in pic~
    HAPPY TRIP ya!!

  2. nice nice wu zhun bo??? haha

  3. hi egg, yup...
    agreed with u!!

    babe, no wu zhun lar!! haha
    i hope also got calvin lor!! blek blek~~~