Monday, October 18, 2010

*Bye HK*

 waiting for sis check out!

 and reach airport at 12pm and our flight is 3.30pm

 had our lunch at this restaurant!!

order at the right hand side shop and and u can enjoy ur meal beside!!

seriously, the food so so only

the seat is uncomfortable

and we check in and shop inside..hah
after done and sis bought a frappucino @ starbucks


she is watching predator, and i watch prince of persia for this time!!

the return food a bit different!! 


and papa fetch us in time!! love him much
the city bank upgrade his credit card, and i got the new one too!!Platinum~❤
he passed to me once i got on the car~ and said i lansi~~~ LOLzzz

and ohya,
got this on the Cathay pacific flight!!

mini frangrancess,,.

can compare the size here..LMAO!!

and got this for gal gal...just need to install the receiver on the device
then put on the mat can charge already!! XD

i enjoy the trip!!
and thanks to sister too~
she got a nice schedule plan!!XD

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