Thursday, October 28, 2010

*heart everything here*

what do you want from me?! *rolling eyes*

October!! a healthy months
travel, went to make up courses, new company, p credit card, cameras
and blah blah...get from this months

i am super duper satisfy with it~

ok, i did not say my camera is the BEST or whatever...
canon s95 only mah, not dslr mah~ni a mah
sure got something that is not that perfect one mah..right?
*hello it's only thousand plus what do u expect?! 
do u expect will have the same effect with those DSLR?!oh yea..f u m up~*

it helping me to took down all those best memories!!
still i love it~❤
honestly i am kinda surprise when some of the pic taken are not what i expect
not as normal as the previous sony camera which still traveling in SG!!kaka

so love to what what then get it larh...if u wat wat enuf!!

and skip that bullll......SHIT!!

❤<------heart again
the beg from NARAYA!!
this one u guess how much?! only RM6+ LMAO
no comment about the quality
will get another bigger size one when go Bangkok next year!!

pls call me si pig if u hate me!! and f u~ hah..jkjk
fish eye effect, sisters deleted theirs before i post it out...wth~
selfish to share...huh
wei little sister new love~
she really 'love no lost hand'
previously when u text her only after a hour get replied
but nao....after got this
u text her, will get back the reply within 5 mins!! LMAOOO

 BBQ chicken
both my lovely sis!! heart u both
but sometimes one of u dun so siao can ar?!

my fav sister!!

gonna recommend for this
body scrub salt, my sister bought this
smell...nice..hell....yet relaxing!!
RM5+? forget

this balm is actually FREE one
bought any 2 of the product get this free
actual price RM25

form soap...bubble type!!!
smooth smooth silky silky
i bought this RM39

oh yea, the house in juru height
i saw a miaw miaw mi gave birth behind the the the what!! LMAO

my cute sis went to violin and piano class
and she requesting me to fetch!! 
she love me oh ya and i love her!!

the bitch!! bound bound~
she actually will smile when saw me!! yes
not bluffing!!! unless stranger stand beside me of coz she will BARK
just like me, dun step my tail and i won't bite k~

ok, i am playing scaring her until hiding under the sofa
how to scare her off? and why?!

 yes, i chase her and trying to took pic of her
once she saw my 'canggih' camera and she actually will not looking straight to the camera
and turn her face to other side 
and me dun care keep use the camera facing her
at last
i only manage to get her butt when she is trying to hide under the sofa

but still...i am fast!! haha
got this nice one~ ❤

next, the 1st experience!! yes i think consider 1st
because this time they are all professionals
yes, ALL of them are PROFESSIONALS
the orchestra concerto~
me and my little sister fav!!
Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

i can't mange to get a nice picha 
u can take this point to critique about that ya!!

can spot those standing center violinist? 
both of them are brothers..or twins i dun know
they actually look alike 
and i love their violin
the way they play in the profession way~
*goose bump*
Malaysian pianist Foo Mei YI~
walau eh.....i hard to imagine if i can play like her lorrrr
it's hard to take a pic u know, coz no photo actually allowed, 
and during the performance NO ONE is making ANY NOICE at all

eh after that went to Gurney
laksa, always my FAV

okay, there are many laksa stall and my fav is the number 79

rojak rojak, jiak jor lao sai lao beh liao....just kidding
haha..yummy...and won't lao sai dun worry only will da bian!! XD

u know, gals see those cosmetic sure beh tahan one
and i bought this two
MAC gel eyeliner RM65
and the brush RM80
expensive hor?????

~boh liao~

*apologize* if any of the words above make u perasan!! fuk saiii.....after blog

that day when dad fetch me back to kampar he smile and asked me a question

in chinese
"my good daughter, why u never request/ask for anything one?!*

and i just throw a smile to him

*answer in my heart*

*my dear pa, because u already gave us everything,
and there's nothing much to be ask for*

and i felt my tears falling~ dun know why!!
coz he is a good papa...really a good papa
always work hard to let us live in a better life
有苦自己吃,but no one know yet you still complaining what there?!
i just hope that i can help him in future~

k movie time, 读心神探


  1. I love reading ur blog because I can feel the excitement that u try to share out :)Keep it up ya~Look forward to ur next make up class post..

  2. hi hedwig, hehe..thanks oh..>.<
    i always wish have a gang of ji mui to 3838 with and sharing!! the make up class post till the end jor..
    coz finish the course!! ^^ xie xie~