Monday, October 18, 2010


after a night staying @MARRIOTT
and early morning me and gal gal went down for the breakfast!!

before out!!

yes, the RM5++ a night stay include 2 person breakfast!!

their service is ichiban!!

and gal love it, the environment but not the food
the food is so so only!!

have chawan mushi too!!

when looking up it's starhill

after breakfast we back to hotel and waiting for mama n sis get done!!

we went to pavillion
i got something from Kiehl's
body sun block, a cleanser and a moisturiser

i remember that Pavilion got the Godiva 
my little sister n i fav choc!!
Dark chocolate Raspberry

Pearls, Dark Choc with Mint
i only saw pavilion got extra 2 flavor which dun have in HK ariport

got this at the HK airport!! not bad thou

stuff inside my beg, what a mess...

heading to IKEA!!
i got curi some idea from there~ hah
after that went to a restaurant for dinner
this restaurant quite popular..KL ppl should know bah
the crab was yummy!!

after the dinner and sister drop me to Kampar!! reach there already 11pm
fml, i'm tired hell still need to clean up my room!!T.T



  1. im KL people..but i don't know that restaurant wo..where is it located??LOL..u should come kepong area..食之园,for seafood..ask yehan to bring u..LOL

  2. first photo. I love it. double reflection.

  3. hi JOyce, i think quite near Kepong ler..
    coz i got pass by there!!
    that yehan palia de...haha..never bring me also~

    Florr, yaya!!i only find out when took it!!
    XD hehe

  4. Gees~ Chocolate!! Yummms!!!
    Anyway, where is the Shiang Hee Seafood Restaurant? XD
    Wanna have some seafood this weekend too. Haha!!

  5. hi bendan,
    LOL, i am not sure about the exact location!! sry..XD but it's kinda near to Kepong there..

    Big Grey Wolf,
    eh em, ya..the choc is yummy as well