Thursday, October 14, 2010

*Hong Kong❤Day 3*

Day 3 9/10/10
very convenient to get there too
the terminal just few next to our hotel Royal Pacific!!

Penang one is Pieces and here is Libra if not mistaken
spot that?!

candid shooottt

blek =)

the ferry is seriously big and cosy

me there! <3

had our breakfast inside
is a NO NO NO for next time
coz the ferry is driving fast and kinda feel like vomiting

really fast~

about one hour then reach
we took cab to the 大三巴牌坊
600 years history~

the shop mostly established before i'm born

pou tart..葡tart
it's still hot de, seriously yummy!! must try

people mountain people sea

in kui kee shop, this got many branches
can see everywhere in Macau

after that heading to casino
and bringing this ma guai fan 2 beg of mum mum ==“
luckily they have a locker service

came out from the casino and heading to another casino~Venetian

once we got there
then saw this liao...LMAO!!!!

it's so cool
really kila kila inside nerh

outdoor view

really relaxing


indoor view, went for a shop
more pic click here here

tu sista bought a LV handbeg there!!
and 10pm we heading back to our hotel
and had our DINNER at 11pm...fml
this restaurant located opposite our hotel!! ><
is a Taiwanese restaurant

bird nest
coconut xue er
got this ribbon beg from Naraya
big shop, 3 levels
and got security guard also!!
the stuff is cheap

of coz this is not mine...
she dun wan be that model, then i be

next post DAY 4~Disneyland

p.s i love this trip!!and wanna go again next year with dear classmate!!


  1. hehe nice :) loooking fun there. seem enjoying ya. maybe next time we should go too? will weiwei have a tour for me? =]

  2. taiwan is more fun for us..haha
    giak giak~ waiting for qiqi geh