Sunday, October 3, 2010


i'm home home home
the 1st picha took at home!!
spot the cute lil xiao bai...
cute max...present from mei mei to da jie!!=)
 next day gal gal bring me to the new open restaurant lunch @ Bryan

 honestly i love their design
total 3 session there with different 'taste' of deco! 
 good food good feeling, agree?!
my order, carbonara seafood spaghetti
*thumbs up

gal gal's order
BBQ chichken

Mint Choc!! *yumm
 next day, to our future house!!
start to work on the designing
the master bed room, n papa naked =="
 the view from master bed room!!
 this id help us a lot!! *wink
 sista really serious on this!!

p.s: will fly on this Thursday!! thanks to dad again!! muakxx *chuckles


  1. nice big house.yummy seafood carbonara pasta~ would wanna try. ooo ur sister so serious =o nice lil xiao bai~

  2. ah, that isn't big actually!!
    看不出是semi-D also!!
    she thinking her room lor...she sit there hours ler!! hahaha...

  3. nice..move to new time go penang kacau u..hahaha

  4. sure sure!! no prob...but is not in penang island!! is Juru there geh!!