Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm back to my blog!!
yesterday just end of the exam! =)

oh ya, i attend the 1st make up course~
the BC guided me the basic skin care!!
how to draw a nice eyebrow!
and it's really INTERESTING!!

love it and enjoy it❤

here's the natural day make up! 
a simple one
ops, my hair 'shit' 
i was pin up the fringe during the process!!
tomorrow dad will come to fetch me home 
and bought my fav Durian egg tart for me!!
(from Kuantan - Kampar - Butterworth)
round a big round!! =(

since study week he want to fetch himself, no more asking Uncle Hui to fetch!

thanks daddy!! =)


  1. i wan the durian egg tart!!
    miss u babe...
    nice make up..❤ it ..=)

  2. awww, babe..nice to visit me here!! hah
    erm, miss u too...❤ u

  3. nice :) leng leng. ooOO hehe nice, learn more ya. can't wait to see weiwei do all type of nice make up :)

  4. haha, qiqi..not leng ler!! i bit fatty and guai guai de!!
    i want to learn more also!! hehe
    so excited neh...giak giak~