Saturday, October 16, 2010

*my life should be like...*

ok, it's all about L.L.E --->live, laugh and eat
wanna go for the LOBO concert at Genting arena of star!!
i listen to his song since i was a child
know why? one my dad fav singer!!
yea...he love his song a lot and of coz his children will get influence
giak, Friday, 3 sisters went for his concert
we got a nice seat!! >.<

check in hotel 7.30pm
and his show on 8.30pm

camwhore before out
 the LOBO
got video, lazy to wait for the upload

LMAO, this gal eating non stop!! >.<

the next day
going down to KL

lol, love this!! my little sister~

lunch at 1st world while waiting for them done their business in casino!! =="

and we saw this 
know them?!

i know this, liu jian hui

 hi..look here

gal love her new Xperia!! >.<

we heading to KL at 6pm for our dinner
yes, Jogoya

love this

my mum made this!! hah

know what
when my little sister saw mum made the ice kacang
she also want to
and ask me to accompany her

choose the syruppp as u like

 and the ingre
and done!!

 giak giak

after dinner
heading to our hotel, JW MARRIOTT

pass by this n think of papa!! 
 after walk pass this LV shop it's reaching our hotel

me n mama camwhore while waiting for sis settle

one thing i love this hotel is they provide this as well

continue camwhore

the pavillion!! right opposite our hotel


bye, hope tmr got time for me to shop =)

thanks dad again...i having a great holidays!!


  1. so nice..really wanna go genting. nice shirt btw you and ur sis. wonder you ask me if i know lobo. lolz. hehe nice concert hor? nice picture. seem like got a lot of nice food..yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. haha qiqi, my eldest sister also got one!!
    not bad ler this concert!! he is funny~
    hehe..qiqi...shin ramen...

  3. shin ramen upload jor...feel freee to check it out...later i kena kill by weiwei LOL.