Monday, October 11, 2010

*Hong Kong❤Day 1*

the flight depart @ 8am ++
we choose to fly with Cathay Pacific due to last minutes booking

giak giak, we had our breakfast inside the flight
fruit given, bread, tea, juices, yogurt and a meal
sista enjoying her breakfast and watching Eclipse
so do i❤

moi meal, omelette

with movie, time passed fast
3 hours flight 
and we're arriving

we took MTR to Kowloon, 
and there's free shuttle bus bring us to our hotel

down to our hotel street
lots of branded shop
LV, AX, Gucci, Coach, Mont Blanc and many more
can see the whether is really nice!!!
no sun no rain, just nice~❤ 

once check in hotel
i slept for 2 hours
really wtf wasting time!!

after that  then we go down to our street for a shop
we can walk to miu gai
quite near
about 5 to 10 minutes, and 5 minutes also can reach MTR station
how good it is!!

and we walk to miu gai for lunch
牛肉面,yummy!! ><

this one bowl around HK$30

the very first day, she got this 2 stuff!!

p.s the pic above was taken by my own phone vivaz!! =="


  1. When did u go to HK o? so good...

  2. hello dear,
    i just back yesterday!!
    7-11 5 days trips!! ><

  3. hey...nice one!!! i wanna go next year...

  4. sure sure!! i wanna go Taiwan with u also!!!

  5. carmen...more pictures<3 <3 <3

  6. uploading lor, quite slow ler
    i also dun know why...zzz

  7. nice wallet louis vuitton :)
    ooOO hk fun fun?hehe
    interesting~ nice looking there lil weiwei :) waa lol u make me liu kou sui again.

  8. no geh qiqi
    i like that Louis Vuitton wallet too
    simple and nice
    but is not mine!!!
    giak giak!!!

  9. how muchie =O
    i like also ~.~ lol
    yeah simple and nice...very maturity too for me.
    Lol. its okay maybe there's other better brand :P

  10. hehe, tell u in msn lar!! giak giak
    chat with qiqi tmr...muahxx

  11. okies :) hope i get to chat with you :)