Wednesday, December 29, 2010

*Langkawi~Day 1*

yo peeps 
i should post this last week
and because i fall sick and busy with my drama 
so delay until so 128762346 days..haha

After the finals exam
go Langkawi with classmate!! ^^
kinda like this gang
u know sometimes something u can't do without a gang of friends!!
dun know at which toll gate waiting for friends
behind me is sawa padi
have to see it with ur eyes only u will feel the high..lolx

in the Ferry 

after reach the Jetty, spot Baskin Robins 
babe bought one for me!! ^^

i dun know why i showing this face...zzz

me and fat fat yuin...haha

we taking those pic while waiting for Kok looking for the car renting
thanks her a lot
and we rent 2 Avanza

then we went to makan
thai food~
gosh, expensive hell with those normal dishes

=) the coconut...yummy fresh

we came to a beach 
when walk through the hotel saw something nice and we stop and cam whore
Merry Christmas...although already pass jor


and spot some seafood

 us again

i am totally in love with the view there

tada....omfg...WOW what i see
even thou this is not the 1st time go there
but the feeling is kinda different

Hui Yee and Boon Hao and us

the emo babe~

happy the next moment!!

and this naughty babe he wanna do something naughty
see what he's holding -->sands

 he walked slowly to Boon Hao there  and throw his leg
Boon Hao look down what's going on...hahaha
he kinda noob noob

and he know is naughty babe and he pick up the sands and chase after babe

tap tap revenge...haha..tak kena pun

the thin couples!!
u know, fat like me will not be able to do this

i love this a lot!!
if this took alone, i dun think it will have a good feeling

i spotted this

they are sooooooooo f cute u know!! wth

yo, natural + em...i mean the gals..haha

simply in love with nature

candid shooot

Hui Yee, Yuin, Lian and me

Me and Jing Jing

Me and Lian Lian

and the sky turn dark, is time to go
and before and Kok..xoxo
our big gang!! ^^

and go back to our apartment
a table of choc..this teck hong always kacao when took photo!! zzz

yea..our 'harvest'..lolxxx

end of the 1st day in Langkawi

and the next day Chu Ying, Xu, and Ern joined us!!❤

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