Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Love George Town Penang

been awhile only i update this post! 
A great healthy Sunday morning with this siao gang
a big love to our George Town Penang
let's explore something special in Penang.

First of all,
a group picture from our pro photographer - Jesson Wong da ge
round of applause for him! 

i can't imagine i actually did this in front of a cafe
ps: the shop is empty that time =P

Chaw Jetty
photo credit to June.

the old style wood house on the sea

pok kai! =="
we actually trying to oppa gangnam style

happily ever after
remind me the song of Maroon 5 'payphone'
photo credit to Jesson da ge

photo credit to Fei Fan

don't bully kiddo. haha
that guy in white is Jesson Da ge.
a very rich, low profile and generous man!
love his condo right beside the guyney plaza.
love the view from his house. @@
photo credit to fei fun

me and June.
thanks for the invitation, =)

note the big gal on the wall

my fav scenic spot
such chicky face. lolx.
photo credit to..i'm not sure which camera from ><

a great experience hang around with them.
thanks all!

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