Friday, March 9, 2012

*dear puppy*

dear baby
u light up my life

i'm gonna blog about My dear bound bound

recently been spending lots of time with her
especially during my off day

she seems happy and healthy <3

i can't describe the feeling is like so so so great until u can stay whole day with her

she is kind of close with me. am also her favorite person to manja with

she choose people. and people seldom choose her. 
nobody can tahan with her cuteness wei.
such a little bear
even i am blogging this she is disturbing beside. heh

i show her to someone through webcam
and she is cute enuf to stay still and be good on my bed only
LMAO. OMFG cute hell!

it's good to adopt a pet 
and most important thing
must spent time with them no matter how busy you are
because they have feeling too
yes. she told me! by showing me the face that how desperate she wanna 
be with us always!


good day! =)

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