Tuesday, March 6, 2012


2nd date for lunch on March @Mc D

our 1st glance was. omfg damn shy


here u go!

tempting Ferrero Rocher given by him! =P

just like last time

he accompanying me until i finish my break time and sent me back! =P

sporting enuf rite rite rite! 

the precious one hour. 

thanks for light up my life a lil bit with the lil surprise! 

hope non of my friend gonna see this post!

Amen! good night world! 

sleep tight! 


  1. Sorry i broken your hope though... xP
    Carmen, sincerely hope that you happy with whoever you are with. Hope that you be with the one who love you like u do.
    Take care and happiness always. :)

  2. OMG! shh... our lil secret here. heh heh
    same to u too JOyce Kok.
    miss ur cutie sweet face! =P
    u still naughty as always huh. hah

  3. Carmen, ops.. I broke your hope too.
    Shit!Sui Fong rampas what I wanted to say..haha..

  4. Dear Hedwig.
    i do miss u all. a lot!
    i am trying to find a day to go down KL meet u guys!
    wait for me kay! <3
    i used to look back our U pixie,
    lots of memory!
    and.. shh.. our little secret here too! =P haha