Thursday, August 2, 2012



With Chih Wei again.
this time my turn to fetch him

8pm i out from my house and go all the way to 
Raja Uda fetch him

not bad, i still can find his place

i did over ride a bit then, i just call him once to confirm the exact location
so he guide me. and tadaa.. i am smart to found his place.

this is the first time i go to a people house 
and pick a person to somewhere

i reach his apartment. i call him 
i haven't speak a word 
he said 'wei wei, turn back turn back, i saw ur car d, 
i was wearing shoes'
so i turn back. 
he ask. where u go oh? haha

got on car.
he ask me about Zhi Kun accommodation for one night
i said, got no idea so he call zhi kun.
they very lame loh..
after they talk, my phone rang
Zezon called me.
i was wondering to answer the call.
at last i did answer, he ask at home?
i said nope. out awhile.
driving? yes.
then drive carefully
suddenly i felt pampered. 
thanks. ^^

we reach Sunway, he told me he is very hungry.
5pm something he back from Island and sleep till now.
lolx.. he insomnia last night.. due to the hot weather. pity.

we bough tix. 
i wanna watch 2D one, forget to tell him
he go and buy normal one.
ok loh. 9pm.
seems not enuf time for dinner jor. 

we bought chicken meat balls, chicken nuggets, drinks.
i finish the meat balls. he eat a lil bit only. wtf

after movie,, i felt better.
due to the  hectic day

he ask
'u wanna go toilet, since just now u didn't go during movie'
he read my minds. LMAO!

he ask to pass him the parking tix. 
so that i can go toilet 1st.
i walk out. didn't see him
i guess he must be at outside smoking.
i look  out. he is there smiling to me. @@

we walk to the car park. talk a lottt.
ask him why wearing spec.
he said jian bu de ren. last night didn't sleep, eye bag very heavy.

the stupid sunway carnival mall exist tix machine very stupid.
i can't reach to slot in the parking tix.
i open the door get out from the car and slot in

he said 
"so far i never get off the car to slot in the tix"
"the pros of long hand"
i said
"u perli me short hand la"
he ans
"hai loh." 
i was so embarrassing. fml

oh ya,
he told me that 
this is the first time he let a gal fetch. muahaha
i am the 1st gal to fetch him. =P

almost reach his home
he said
'wa, it's 11pm somthing d, u back alone danger mou'
'careful leh, anything call me'
he get down from car. =(
bye friend. tomorrow he will be going back to KL

10 mins before i reach my home, 
he whatsapp me, reach home d or not.

gonna miss this friends.
never think of before he back i am still able to see him and movie with him again.

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