Monday, September 3, 2012


nice morning.
wake up practice piano for an hour

breakfast with mom
and get ready

today i've got 2 dates

1st date with my sista to the music concert 3-4.30

2nd date with Edmund. As promise he wanna bring me go sing k fa xie fa xie.

not bad the music concert overall
like the Peter Lo plays.
very pro and steady performance. 

they played mozart, J.S bach, Beethoven, pop song and etc.
A duet piano and Violin Performance.

4.04pm, he text me in we chat
'where u'
haha. i was wondering why people nowadays
don't like to ask "where are u" instead of "where u"
type the words "are" very lazy meh?
i terkejut, tot he reach my house d.
and he tell me just wanna out to butterworth from sg petani.
just nice the time

the show ended on time. 4.30 sharp end, we straight away ciao

bring gal for drive through
for mc Flurry strawberry ice cream and criss cut. 

5.05pm reach home we sit inside the car finish the ice cream and criss cut
i saw daddy's car coming and parking behind us. lol
he also just reach home

so we got down, and i go prepare for my next date.

kinda.. bad.

i told him i will reserve my time for him before
but Saturday he ask me out at night but i can't make it.

and i told him the next day i am free whole day
but i totally forget i promised my sis gotta bring her go music concert.
so i inform him at night that i can't make it early.

5.21 he sent me voice message.
"ei, ni zai na li liao"
he told be will be reaching in 10 mins time.

so, he decided bring me go to Queensbaymall neway.
i prefer this kind
very spontaneous.
never got no idea where to.
and no doubt-ing. always ok. no probs. haha

okay, the view that i capture at the bridge,
isn't they awesome?

he asked. can see?
since there's a very strong sunlight
haha, sure. that's iPhone. =P

reach Queensbay
neway, box 38
fyi. this room he been visited one and a half year ago with his buddy ah Yang.
such coincidence. hahaha

finger licking good? lol
that's funny!
its unexpected that my candid capture skill still not yet 'weaken'
i showed him..
he said. zhe yang ye gei ni pai dao. hahaha

awhile later.
he took my camera and took this for me. hah
top: Mango
Bottom: Levi's jeans
Shoe: Charles & Keith

12am, we both look at watch
it's omg already 12am. hah
then decided to ciao.
before sent me home.
i suggested go to Fuel for pool awhile.
he said ok without a second doubt.
super damn spontaneous.

nah, nice capture.
chok mou?

back to home.
and i pass him the little souvenir that i got it from sg.
a lil  bracelet with his name on. yay. =)
he capture it and sent me in we chat.
that's all.
take care my friend.

p.s: he is a very gentleman, respect people and he earn my respect. salute to him.
hope he will get what he hope for, to get back his love one. hah..

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