Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ques: "will this morning dream come true?"

harrloo..hey you. why u so ba dao?
always disturb with my mind and my thought.
how dare you, this morning still burst in my dream
let me story out as what i remember in that dream
eh emm... ready.

i was in a crazy bad/sad mood
inside your car, i sit behind
then i was wearing a orange pajamas dress *wtf*
then headed to a bah kut teh restaurant
u said 'bring you go eat bah kut teh'
and you ask before got down from the car
'you ok boh, wearing pajama‘
then i said i got jacket
ok he park in front of the restaurant
we got down
and cross the road, OMG
OMFG you hold my hand cross the road and walk in the shop
*fact is i don't remember is the restaurant or other shop before step in the restaurant*
i just got crazy u hold my hand
the feeling is so fucking real
*i can touch, very smooth and gentle hand holding me*
then the dream no more d.
just like that!
maybe the god is giving me some clue that u will be mine
the continue story, let you fill it in my future life time.

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