Thursday, June 9, 2011

*Bangkok, day 2*

Day 2 ~ 27th may
Floating Market
movie-pirates of the Caribbean
famous chicken rice
calypso cabarat- 'lady bouy show'

have to thanks to the these follow 2 guys for the planning
they booked back 'mini bus'
and the driver will bring us to our destination

waiting for the boat

once i got here the feeling like so so relaxing when see-ing those green! =)


sha la la

can u feel it?

it's amaizing

ok, saw other boar..reaching

yes, reached

this aunty selling mango~ 
and for sure, mango rice


 this is so yummy! but the mango is too masak d!

boat traffic jam

this aunty really smart to do business yet friendly and funny
babe got the bicycle for 300
we did bargain with her, but...she keep saying aiyo, aunty got children..
then my babe sek do lo
how kind of him~ <3

ishhhh~~ ham sap

 ok, after hour then got down for a walk
i like here


  many food selling at the boat

got some snack

ok, my boy keep trying this and that
the ang mo beside him came alone, and ask me to took a pic for him. XD

 i forget what it is, but quite yummy

another stall, tom yam mi hun

xin go get another snack!
camwhore while waiting for the food done

 after buying then we sitting down here makan

many many ho lan drinks here

 the tomyam, i like it..sour sweet and lil spice
dun know how to describe~

 after snack then snake!!!

hell  ya, am still alive!! *chuckles*

aww, this one cute~

FYI, if u wan to buy cheapp stuff..dun shop here!
go to Chatuchak market

laughter appear in a group of people

making fun

finally they are tired..haha..XD

 reach the mall, watch movie here

before movie, we went to a japanese restaurant for dinner!
the shui gao

 my boy

The cinema
we watched pirates of the Caribbean
even in da cinema, before the movie start they all stood up and sang their country song

 cab u imagine how big it is
the cinema hall is darn big yet will so many cinema hall provided
there's also a part that showing the hall number with the movie title~
how great, eh em, am sound like so 38~ XDD

 f.y.i the subtitle was in thai...most of us dun really understand the whole movie in some part
(our eng sucks)
i only saw that wilson babe laughing nia, the rest of us

after movie, dinner-supper=dinper
we follow the BKK book guide recommended here 
at 1st when i got here i was like, so hot and just for chic rice
and prove that i was wrong! WORTH IT~

at the road side,
like, so extreme...if the car lost control, ah tiong gonna be the 1st to kena..XD

our ho lan drinks


i like it, yummy..REALLY

after chicken rice, guekkk
went to the show, ladyboy..=)
calypso cabaret

 guess what they're dancing?
i want nobody nobody but YOU~
guy still a guy..even dancing the 1st one..=="

real boy show too...hoho

mix nia~
why not took off the whole thing? wtf

this is real disgusting funny! agree?

 then back to hotel!

from floating market

from the night street!
end of a day! 


  1. i wanna try the mango v the rice. nomnom. buai Xd

  2. aww, qiqi should give it a's yummy!

  3. next time weiwei take me lo i just eat

  4. i know qiqi like to eat yummy food geh!haha
    when u back must eat a lot ok~

  5. okay will do. hopefully weiwei can accompany me eat too