Thursday, June 9, 2011

*Bangkok, departure+arrival day*

Graduation trip-BKK
12 of us (TA9) gang~
memory start now!!

babe on da plane~

the blue skies~

Xin and me, waiting for our baggage!

 me n cs (this guy going to Macau work soon)

reaching BKK airport

they book a mini car?! 
ok, can fit in 12 of us!


the toll gate

me in the mini bus

on the way to our hotel, i spotted this
how pity she is!

checked in~ total RM4++ per person for 6 nights

i do like this hotel a lot - i-residence

once get in this saw this
small dinner table

toilet on the left(white door)
wardrobe on the right (wooden door)

one sofa

the toilet
they provided this as well
wanna use then gotta pay for it! hah
fridge and oven provided

after drop our baggage then go go go!
by BTS
go around the street which a lot shopping malls nearby
kinda short walking distance to the BTS station-less than 5 mins?!

me n Xin

like the design..haha..that's why only got siam paragon picha

busy traffic

me with busy traffic! <3

'p'eautiful !!!

took Mc D as our dinner 
very hungry!!! need something really FAST~

even the pir also more choices

hell yes, pork one
Samurai pork burger! 
i would one word to describe - J.U.I.C.Y

after this sure go for outside street stall for snack

much variety..but not every thing is yummy to be honest! 

that fatty sure buy a lot one

not recommend for this
it's Smelly~~ eww
Ling Ling throw away after a bite!
imagine urself..hah


after buying, we sitting there enjoying our food and wait for the others! 

walk back to BTS
and spotted this at the bridge
colorful cabs

back to hotel
outside our hotel got one street of shop
and McD too..super convenient!! XD

got this at the very 1st night! dai dou...lan!

~good day peeps!~


  1. nice blue skies <3 n nice food

  2. wei wei like the blue skies..=)

  3. same with bakaqiqi. qiqi like blue skies too. recently qiqi like spring and fall when the leaves are falling or growing. next time weiwei lets go around n see too. i know you will like it alot