Sunday, June 26, 2011

*Bangkok, day 4*

29th May 2011
was a free day!
went to walk around those shopping mall
shop and eat!

morning took breakie at our hotel

yehan and Fong

my babe! he seems very enjoying those food! XD

Miso soup!

heart shape eggie~
they cook it on the spot when u ask for!

 the view we can see since the restaurant is at the top floor!

 Lunch time went to Yam Saap!

this one yummy

ini soso only

me! <3

honestly i like Bangkok BTS

i dun really remember what i did this day!
the memory faded since i didn't took much pic~

then dinner time!
our lead man was doing research where to dine!
sadly, we wanna took buffet and mango tango
and we can't find the mango tango in the mall since its already moved
and the buffet due to the time issue!!
so both 'pao tang' T_T

2 pretties, sf and Hedwig

location set and
Dinner time! 


hamster kia!!
look like hamster or not???

burger, hamster order

cheesy spinach lasagna - my order

we share this! wee

am totally increased like 5KG after eat
hell full! omg
and back

*the end*

P.S i guess qiqi sure will tell me she is hungry after see my blog post since this is more about FOOD


  1. ya le~ qiqi hungry again. LOLL i love that u blog abt food. =] get to see weiwei discover food that are delicious too

  2. hello qiqi~ i wan go eat with qiqi..=)