Sunday, June 19, 2011

*Bangkok, day 3*

 day 3~28th May
chatuchak market
Cabbages & Condoms restaurant

i like this place thou
u cana find anything here!
and really omfg hell big~
u might lost, or hard to find back a shop if u wanna go again! 
and also HOTTO!!!

got another mango sticky rice~

in this weather, coconut is the most most most need for us!

 wee, babe again

 after mango sticky rice coconut drinks then what's next?

i choose the simple one, coz am really FULL~

 saw something special, babe bought few...

spotted this, Nokia ad~ 游行

spotted this, CUTE!! =)
wanna bought one geh
but i was like thinking wanna look for other shop see got more choice 
then mana tahu, i can't find back this shop as i can't find any other at other place
wtf~ regret!

shop around, walk around
then EAT again!!

ish, so so only yet expnsive..

yehan's order

babe's order

my dear

after eat, gather time..and back

spotted my pet geh cloths?
one for RM5 only, cheap hell!!
malaysia price would be

dinner time! 
we choose a special restaurant to dine in
 the Cabbages and Condoms (C&C) Restaurant
one of the most unique restaurants in Metropolitan Bangkok 

decorated by condoms! wtf

big big family~

yours truly

i wonder why this photo taken senget aside one! @@

the guys

Cabbages & Condoms geh menu

my drinks

the food neh!! 
see what we had ordered! =)

sorry... i... forget what is this jor! =P

paper wrap chicken

this one cool in curry style, dun eat curry in Bkk
i dun get used to it..

this one yummy, i think is toufu if not mistaken. 

Kai Xin, my fav

after dinner, ordered different tong shui! =)

the tong shui~

eh, this pic look weird wei..hahaha

me and yehan, palia housemate ever!

me with dear Ling Ling, she is the 1st i knew in TA9

me <3
someonesss said i look great with this dress
but i think that's FAT! eh em.. 
thanks for their compliment~

~the end~

*happy day*

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